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How To: Create a Glam Braid in 4 Steps

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Glam Braids. They seem so simple in theory, but when you try to recreate your favorite celeb look, you somehow end up with a rat's nest on top of your head.

This look has hit the hottest red carpets this season and officially became popular when Selena Gomez reemerged with different styles of braids at almost every event. Luckily for us, we were able to meet up with the woman in charge of putting glamorous braids on the map!

Marissa Marino works at Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood and has been a celebrity hairstylist for over eight years. Needless to say, she's seen it all! Most recently she was on tour with Miss Gomez, pinning and tweaking each individual hairstyle as she traveled the country.

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"We started the braid bar about four years ago. It started purely because we would braid each other's hair and we would all walk around the salon like that," Marino said. "Clients started to notice the styles and would tell us they wanted their hair just like that. We started thinking this could be something fun, easy and a great way to build up clientele since we were a new salon...It's a great alternative to a fancy updo because it isn't too much, but you still look put together."

When it comes to braids, we went to the best! Here she shows us how to do the "On Top of the World" style in 4 easy steps!

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Glam Braids E!

Step 1: Start off by parting your hair in a zigzag pattern. Once you have parted the hair into two sections, begin braiding one section into a braid or a fishtailwhichever you prefer. Repeat with the other section of hair. You should now have two pigtails (brings back memories, doesn't it?)

Marino explains, "Braiding off of your natural texture is easier to work with instead of having it super smooth. Thicker hair is also great to work with because it shows off the braid more and it's perfect for getting that chunky braid look."

Glam Braids E!

Step 2: Time to bring out the hairspray. Adding the right amount of spray is important because it gives the hair texture and volume. Next, begin pulling each braid slightly apartthis will help create a thicker looking braid.

"My number one tip for achieving that chunky braid is to pull on the sides of the braid to loosen it up and make it look thicker," Marino said. 

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Glam Braids E!

Step 3: Take one braid and place it on the top of your head. Begin pinning the braid down using bobby pins, making sure it is secure and in place. Then bring the other braid up and begin pinning it down the same way you did with the first braid. Remember to tuck in the ends of each braid under the opposite braid.

Glam Braids E!

Step 4: Lastly, secure the finished product with a little more hairspray to give it even more texture. Add the finishing touch by curling your bangs! Voila! You now look amazing and have learned how to achieve the "On Top of the World " style at home!

Head over to the braid bar at Nine Zero One Salon and get your hair braided for any occasion! Show us your braids and tag us at  #Fabulist!

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