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    Brooklyn Decker Tries to Take an Unattractive Selfie (Still Looks Flawless)

    Brooklyn Decker, Larry King Twitter

    Looking, er, interesting, Brooklyn Decker.

    The supermodel took to Twitter on Wednesday after her appearance on Larry King's talk show and seeing as the blond stunner is a full 53 years younger than the television host, she had a thing or two to teach him about taking a selfie.

    And in true Brooklyn Decker fashion, she opted to show off her silly side.

    "I just don't think I can top this selfie @kingsthings," the 27-year-old star captioned the photo, while King retweeted the shot, writing, "Learning a thing or two about modeling and #selfies from my guest @BrooklynDecker."

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    Both stars are making funny faces in the social media shot, while the skinny Sports Illustrated star is pulling her head back in order to mimic the appearance of a double chin.

    Of course, despite Decker's expression, the leggy model still looks manages to look flawless thanks to her perfectly curled hair and gorgeous complexion, proving there's no face she could make which could mask her true beauty.

    And in case you had any doubts that Andy Roddick's missus has lost her looks, she also shared another shot from her appearance in which she could not look more stunning.

    Brooklyn Decker, Larry King Twitter

    "Holy moly me oh my. You're the apple of my eye.#larrykingnow," she captioned the pic where's she sporting a short white dress while posing in front of a stained glass window.

    Decker currently stars alongside James Van Ber Beek and Kevin Connolly on the comedy show Friends With Better Lives, which premiered on March 31 on CBS.

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