Chasing Life

ABC Family

Cancer sucks.

There's a brand new drama coming to ABC Family and it's about to change everything you think you know about living with leukemia. Chasing Life, which premieres June 10, and stars Italia Ricci as April, a 24-year-old aspiring journalist who just as her life was starting to fall into place discovers that she has cancer.

To help get you excited about this surprisingly sweet series, we've snagged you the exclusive first look at Chasing Life's brand-new key art. Dolled up in a fabulous little black dress, April is ready to take the coffin-full of lemons that life gave her and turn them into cancer-kicking lemonade!

We're going to be honest, we've already seen the first three episodes of this down-to-earth drama and we haven't been this excited for an ABC Family series since the premiere of Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters combined!

Ricci's portrayal of April is effortlessly endearing and unlike our first assumptions before tuning in, cancer is not the center of each and every sentence on the series. April is a strong, intelligent and multi-faceted heroine who is going to give up her dreams or the everyday concerns that a normal twenty-something experiences just because she is sick.

Chasing Life premieres Tuesday, June 10 at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.

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