What's in my Bag, Harley Coachella

Harley Viera Newton has packed many a bag for past Coachellas, and she's giving us an exclusive look at her top essentials she plans on bringing this year. Find out how she packs like a pro, and follow her Coachella adventures on Instagram and Twitter

1. Bag wise, I always opt for either an easy, small cross-body bag or a backpack. You spend most of the day on your feet walking around and don't want to have to think twice about losing or carrying your bag. Keep the contents to a minimum. I love this pineapple print backpack because it's fun and convenient. 

2. I love Nars matte lip pencils, because the bold color really lasts and they're easy to apply on the go. Dragon Girl is my favorite.

Harley Coachella

3. A serious SPF is essential, as you're in the sun all day. I love this Khiels one because it's very light and doesn't feel oily.

4. A cell phone is an obvious choice, and I use a silly cat case so that I don't lose it or mix it up with my friends' phones.

Harley Coachella

5. A polaroid camera is always a lot of fun and a great way to capture memories. Take a bunch, throw them in a box when you get home, and in five years you'll be happy you did!

6. I like to take a small card holder with my ID, card, and a bit of cash for food. No point in lugging around a huge wallet!

7. Sunglasses are a must, and I love this palm tree pair.

8. Comfy sandals are essential!

Harley Coachella

9. It's nice to keep makeup to a minimum, but I love this Chanel bronzer because it's very natural and sheer—great for a midday touch up.

10. I'm one of those freaks who always has Purell around! It's essential for when you go from sitting on a field to eating a piece of pizza...

11. I like to have a few hair ties and bobby pins in my bag just in case things go very wrong hair wise—it's a long day!


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