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Mindy Kaling Gets "Summer Bangs," Wanted to Look Like "One of Pharrell’s Friends"

Mindy Kaling, Bangs Instagram

How do we love Mindy Kaling? Let us count the ways.

For one, she makes us giggle until we start doing that whole silent laugh thing where our eyes tear up and no sound comes out.

And when she's not giving us a cramp in our sides from laughing at her antics as Dr. Lahiri on The Mindy Project, she is killing it on the red carpet.

Mindy has seemingly embraced every trend, and somehow she works 'em all. Seriously. She's rocked every trendy look recently, from silk separates to head-to-toe color (with a few crop tops thrown in between).

So it's no surprise that Mindy took the plunge and went for some cute and shaggy bangs. She debuted them on Chelsea Lately last night and posted her look on Instagram with the caption "Summer bangs!" 

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Mindy Kaling, Bangs Instagram

She also posted another pic, writing, "I told Denno (@kateydenno) and Clariss (@clarisshair) I wanted to look like 'one of Pharrell's friends' and I think they did a great job. @helmutlang blazer and tshirt, @marcjacobs bling @Gucci shoes."

We totally agree; her makeup artist Katey Denno and hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein did a truly stellar job. Not to mention the whole Marc Jacobs jewels and Gucci shoes helped drive the whole look home.

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Our only question: We could have sworn Mindy was already friends with Pharrell? She does have a lot of famous buddies, after all. Pharrell, give Mindy a call! She's waiting.

But, if you're loving Mindy's new bangs, this look may only be temporary. She posted pics on Instagram later with her sans-fringe. Sigh.

Do you like Mindy's new bangs or are you glad they're probably faux?

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