Pucker up!

Johnny Depp popped by Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where host Jimmy Kimmel gave him some grief about recently proposing to 27-year-old Amber Heard. "I hate to start things off negatively or awkwardly," the comic said, "but last time you were here [in July 2013] we kissed a few times, I felt like we really hit it off, we had a few laughs together. It really seemed like we had some chemistry, and then the next thing I know I hear you are engaged. And I get no call, not even a text. It was rude, was what it was, to come in and do that and to just disappear. Anything you want to say?"

The 50-year-old Transcendence star played along with Kimmel, joking, "I feel bad about it, but I also feel like between you and I, it's kind of an 'anything goes' kind of thing. You know what I mean?"

Kimmel laughed and asked, "So I'm not out then? I'm still potentially in."

Depp rubbed his mouth with bubblegum-flavored lip balm and told his pal, "Oh, you're in. Oh, yeah!"

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Once that was out of the way, Kimmel told his guest, "I'd love to go on the honeymoon with you. That'd be a really terrific thing for her—for all of us!" Depp smiled and replied, "I'll ask around."

Depp later admitted that his children with ex Vanessa ParadisLily-Rose, 14, and Jack, 11—are troublesome "in a way." Much like their father, he explained, "they've got some mischief in there."

"I liked doing impersonations of people as a little kid, so I would take a tape recorder and I would hide it and record people's conversations," he said. "I did it to my uncle, who was a hellfire and damnation Baptist minister—it changed the way I looked at religion very abruptly when I heard the tape!"

Near the end of the chat, Depp reapplied his lip balm and made eyes at Kimmel. "Why do I feel like I just checked into prison and...?" the comedian asked. Depp filled in the blanks by making a crude joke, saying, "And you're about to get your salad tossed? It's a frightening feeling, isn't it?"

After some back and forth, Kimmel cut to the chase. "So are we gonna do this? Is this gonna happen?"

Depp grinned and told Kimmel, "It's been happening since I walked out here."

Cue the platonic peck!

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