Save vs. Splurge

When it comes to the biggest spring trends, we want them all.

Wedge sandals? Yes, please. Boyfriend jeans? Don't mind if we do. Crop tops? We'll take three.

Of course, our bank accounts can't handle that major of a shopping spree. So, we've solved this conundrum by rounding up our favorite spring trends and finding a budget version and a luxe version of each.

This way we can splurge on a few items and save on the others. Basically, by choosing to invest in a few expensive pieces and saving on the rest you get the best of both worlds.

And even though the price points on each of these trends are majorly different (sometimes hundreds of dollars different!) they're still equally chic. So you win either way.

Keep reading to save and splurge on all your favorite spring looks. 

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