Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds might just be the most picture-perfect, Pinterest-worthy couple of all time!

The lovebirds were snapped hand-in-hand Saturday night in Vancouver, making their way back to their car after having a romantic dinner date at a local Chinese restaurant.

Blake, 26, went retro-glam with a floppy felt hat, layered sweaters and burgundy coat, but brought some edge to her look with leather leggings and silver-spiked black ankle booties. Ryan, 37, kept to his Canadian roots in a newsboy cap, layered shirts beneath a denim jacket, casual pants and sneakers.

The former Gossip Girl star is currently filming her upcoming movie The Age of Adaline in Vancouver. The movie, which also features Ellen Burstyn, Michiel Huisman and Harrison Ford follows the life of a 29-year-old woman (played by Blake) who stops aging in after recovering from a nearly fatal car accident. When the 20th century rolls around, Blake's character meets a man with the potential to change the course of her life.

Interesting. In real life, though, Blake's already married to the man who changed the course of her life, and who needs immortality when you've got Ryan Reynolds?!

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