Willie the cat


Let's get real here. On a whole, cats are d--ks.

They love to knock stuff off your counters, dressers, bedside tables, what have you. They don't come when you want to pet them, but when you're just about to fall asleep, that's when they decide that must crawl all over you. And they always know when you have a full bladder because that's when they step on it with all their weight.

Why do we own cats then? Because they are adorable and entertaining, and when you do win their affection, it's an accomplishment. A cat's love is never a given.

Keeping all that in mind, we were surprised to find a cat on the Internet who is not a total a--hole. Meet Willie, who in the video is doing a traditional awful cat thing: unrolling the toilet paper. Nothing out of the ordinary. But then something magical happens.

The owner filming the toilet paper event starts laughing, and Willie, having reached the end of the toilet paper, seems to have a moment of inner reflection. "Maybe I shouldn't be doing this," he thinks. "I don't use toilet paper, but my human does."

So Willie actually corrects the situation, which is very uncommon behavior in a cat. Usually they just want to watch your world burn. Check out the once-in-a-lifetime considerate moment below:

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