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The Miami Zoo Welcomes New Leopard Cubs to the Prowl, and We Welcome Them Into Our Hearts

Baby Leopard Kittens RON MAGILL / ZOO MIAMI

It's almost Friday, you guys! You just need that extra little push to get you to that grand T.G.I.F. moment. And today, that moment comes in the form of photos of adorable leopard cubs!

Zoo Miami and leopardess Serai recently welcomed two brand-new and extremely endangered Clouded leopard cubs, and we're trying to remain professional, but we rarely do that so why start now? Look at how sweet and adorable and cute and fluffy they are! We just want to hold them and squeeze them and press our faces into their fur!

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Baby Leopard Kittens RON MAGILL / ZOO MIAMI

The new cubs won't be able to be seen by the public until they are older, so cherish these photos. And since they don't have names yet, we should probably just go ahead and think of some for them. Link and Zelda are our picks, so you're welcome, Miami Zoo.

Baby Leopard Kittens RON MAGILL / ZOO MIAMI

This is Serai's first successful litter, so congrats mom!

But the leopard cubs are not the only new additions to the zoo. Just a week before these cubs were born, the lioness Kashifa delivered four cubs. So it's baby central over at Zoo Miami!

Baby Leopard Kittens RON MAGILL / ZOO MIAMI

And just because it's almost the weekend, here's a bonus video of a husky lovingly bathing a cat, only to get interrupted by a Pomeranian humping a pillow.

Isn't nature grand?

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