If what her employees say is true, when did Naomi Campbell find time to model?

A couple weeks after appearing in court to answer to an assault charge resulting from an incident with a former housekeeper, another ex-employee has come forward with allegations that Campbell literally and figuratively slapped her around.

Twenty-year-old Amanda Brack of Fort Lauderdale sued the supermodel Thursday for assault, battery, false imprisonment and infliction of emotional distress, all of which started a month after she was hired in February 2005, according to court documents.

Brack's attorney, Gerald McCarthy, told the Associated Press that his client met Campbell in a Paris nightclub where, after receiving Brack's help with a "costume malfunction" (that luckily wasn't televised on CBS), Campbell offered her a job.

Per the complaint, "shortly after being hired?Campbell initiated a series of verbal and physical and emotional attacks against [Brack]"--including another alleged cell phone-throwing incident--"such that plaintiff suffered both physical and emotional injuries."

Does a Blackberry count? McCarthy told Reuters that Campbell struck his client with her PDA, slammed her against a wall and slapped her repeatedly in the face after a piece of luggage was left behind while they were on a trip to South America.

But, as mere mortals are wont to do, Brack stayed with the British babe until July 2005 because she was "star struck" and impressed with the jet-setting lifestyle, McCarthy said.

This time Campbell went global, according to Brack, pushing her around on trips to Brazil and Morocco--where Campbell allegedly ripped up Brack's passport and tossed the pieces in the pool--and in the model's Park Avenue apartment, where Campbell is also said to have smacked housekeeper Ana Scolavino in the head with a cell phone in March (a charge she has denied, although there's a chance that a plea deal will be reached before she reports back to court Sept. 27).

While, according to court documents, Campbell is said to have struck Scolavino after accusing her of stealing a pair of jeans--the same reason she supposedly hit her ex-maid, Gaby Gibson, in January (Gibson filed a civil suit June 26)--Brack also claims to have been accused of thievery, although there's no word on what article of clothing may have set the supermodel off this time.

McCarthy told reporters that Campbell had said something in July of last year which led his client to believe that her employer was accusing her of stealing. Well, that was the last straw and, a few days later, Brack quit.

Brack is seeking an unspecified amount of damages for pain and suffering.