Google Glass, Children's Hopsital, Zoo

Children's Memorial Hermann

We've talked about Google Glass before, but mostly in a "man, this sure is creepy" kind of way. But after watching this video, wouldn't you know it? We had nothing bad to say about it.

At the Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Google Glass was used so that kids stuck in the hospital could "visit" the zoo and see the animals, without leaving their rooms. Of course nothing compares to going outside and experiencing the zoo for yourself, but this is a very close second.

Using the Google Hangout function, kids like 6-year-old Jayden could see the Houston Zoo (located across the street from the hospital) through the eyes of the employees, so his trip to the zoo was very VIP. He got to see giraffes, jaguars and he even got a behind-the-scenes look at the sea lion exhibit!

"It gave my son a chance to feel like he was a normal kid," Jayden's mom said about Google Glass.

Watch the video below to see the kids use Google Glass to hang out at the zoo, take photos and instantly search for information about their diseases. 

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