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Jenna Fischer and her husband Lee Kirk may want to spend more time going over baby names.

The pregnant 40-year-old actress tells us she's "very close" to giving birth but still has lots to do to prepare for her little baby boy or girl!

"The nursery is not done and there's no name picked out and I'm close!" Fischer told E! News last night at Jennifer Love Hewitt's A Pea in the Pod maternity line launch party. "I've been nesting like crazy but I've been doing things that are sort of zany, like I became obsessed with cleaning my basement. You'd think I'm putting the baby down there. I'm not! But it's very clean and organized."

Jenna Fischer, Twitter


Fischer added, "I have all the baby supplies I just don't have nursery décor or name picked out yet."

As for the baby's gender, Fischer admitted, "We know the sex. We can at least eliminate some names. There's a lot of unisex names now though so we have to consider all those."

Fischer, who already has 2-year-old son Weston, says she's been "less anxious" with the second pregnancy and her cravings have actually been extremely healthy!

"I've been craving a lot of fruit and salads," she dished. "Salads with tangy dressing though, like a Caesar salad. It's more things that I don't want to eat. I don't want to eat fries: no fries or fried things or burgers, anything like that. More light things. I'm actually really grateful because I don't have the best impulse control as evidenced by how I just let myself go with every craving in my first pregnancy. This time around it's been easier to eat healthy because it's just what I feel like. I'm grateful for that."

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