She may have gotten her hearing back, but that doesn't mean Foxy Brown doesn't have hearing problems of a different kind to sort out.

On Wednesday, a Manhattan judge postponed the start of the Chyna Doll rapper's misdemeanor assault trial for a nail job gone way bad after she showed up in court with her third lawyer since the 2004 incident. The trial, which was supposed to start on Monday, has been pushed back to Aug. 28, nearly two years to the day from the alleged salon smackdown.

Brown, identified on the court docket by her real name, Inga Marchand, is accused of attacking two manicurists, Myoung Yi and Sun Ji Song, on Aug. 29, 2004 after they accused the platinum-seling artist of stiffing them on a $20 tab. During the fracas, Brown allegedly kicked one employee and smacked the manager as she tried to bolt from the salon.

Brown has pleaded not guilty to the charges and has rejected two plea deals offered by prosecutors. She remains under court orders prohibiting her from having contact with any of the nail workers.

The hip-hop diva, sporting four-inch hoop earrings and two-inch stilettos heels, turned up for Wednesday's court session and was on her best behavior. Last December, Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson threatened to toss Brown in the slammer for supposedly making faces in the courtroom. Only a last-minute apology on her part saved her and put her back in Jackson's good graces.

But at least Brown showed for Wednesday's hearing. On Tuesday, a judge in New Jersey came close to issuing an arrest warrant for the rapper after she failed to show for a court date in a separate case.

Per the New York Daily News, Brown was MIA a trial in Jersey City, where she faced allegations of verbally harassing and physical threatening former assistant Rasheeda Ellis.

The presiding judge reportedly considered issuing a warrant but opted not to after her accuser also failed to appear, having mistakenly gone to Hudson County Superior Court instead of the correct location, Jersey City Municipal Court.

Ellis' charges the 26-year-old emcee with harassment, verbal abuse and threatening physical harm, alleging Brown had a nasty habit of deluging Ellis with angry cell-phone and email messages that made her "fear for her safety."

Ellis also says that when she confronted Brown about an overdue week's pay, the entertainer "went to [Ellis'] place of business with two other people looking for the complaintant" and called her cell phone threatening violence.

A new trial date in that case has been scheduled for Aug. 23.

No word why Brown was a no-show . Court officials were unavailable for comment and a message left with her Def Jam Records publicist, Gabriel Tesoriero, was not returned.

Aside from legal obligations, the Broken Silence performer is refocusing on her music career in the wake of successful surgery three months ago to stem her hearing loss.

Backstage at Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt 10th anniversary concert at Radio City Music Hall last month, Brown told MTV News that she's recording tracks for a new album called Black Roses.

"I went straight from the operating room to the studio," she said. "It was really hard. I was deaf for an entire year. Completely deaf. The surgery was iffy. They didn't know if it would be a success, and it was."

No word when the disc will drop.