Miranda Kerr


Despite the casual appearance of most celebrities' street style, the price tag of any given A-listers' daily ensemble will make your jaw drop Wile E Coyote style.

Don't believe us? OK, let's break down one of Miranda Kerr's looks from last week. On Wednesday, the model stepped out in New York City donning a stunning $2,395 Dolce & Gabanna cherry blossom print dress with $1,395 printed python Christian Louboutin pumps, topped with a $5,795 Escada coat. Oh, and she was carrying her favorite $18,350 Hermes Kelly bag. The grand total? $27,935. 

Are your lips and shoes currently at the same level? Yeah, we thought as much.

You see, as much as we'd like to believe celebrities are just like us, the truth is they're not. And their wardrobes are deceptively simple. So the next time you see a snapshot of a star looking impeccable while grocery shopping or hailing a cab, just know, it costs a pretty penny to do so. 

To see more star's pricey street style looks, click through our gallery below.   

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