Bar Refaeli Commercial


Bar Refaeli is too hot for Israeli TV!

A local television commercial for fashion brand Hoodies has been banned from airing during primetime, which ends at 10 p.m., after it was deemed too racy.

The Second Authority for Television and Radio reviewed the 54-second clip and declared that it had "too many sexual insinuations" to be aired during the daytime and early evening hours.

So what's all the fuss about?

Red Orbach, a famous character in Israel who is in the all-puppet classic rock group known as Red Band, is seen living out his sexual fantasies with the 28-year-old stunner.

As the two lay in bed, Red turns to Bar and says, "I'm telling you Barbie, it can't get any better than this…or could it?"

Two identical versions of Bar then appear on the screen, jump into the bed and snuggle up to the puppet.

Red dreams up scenarios where he and multiple clones of Bar hang out in a photo booth, get cozy in a hot tub and even engage in a little strip poker.

And while the pervy puppet goes nude for the controversial ad, the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition babe remains completely clothed the entire time.

It seems like the ban hasn't stopped Bar from getting her fans to view the full commercial online.

She's been posting photos from the shoot on both her Twitter and Instagram pages.

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