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    Amy Schumer Jokes About Taking Her Comedy on the Road and Reasoning for Visiting Certain Cities—Watch Now!

    Amy Schumer, David Letterman CBS

    If it wasn't already abundantly clear, Amy Schumer has no issue poking fun at herself.

    The 32-year-old stand-up comedian stopped by the Late Show With David Letterman to dish about her upcoming season of Inside Amy Schumer and joked about residing in Los Angeles.

    "I've always admired people who take their comedy out on the road, those are the people who are really getting it done," David Letterman told the Last Comic Standing alum. "You leave Los Angeles, you leave New York and you go to places. You do that still."

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    "Yeah, I feel like you should only be allowed in the cities that you would really be considered attractive in," the New York native quipped. "Like I wish Google would intervene when I booked a trip to Miami and say like, 'Did you mean Pittsburgh?' Just, you know," she said as the audience laughed.

    When it comes to living in Tinseltown, Letterman joked that going to a supermarket is just like going on an audition.

    "I'm buying cereal next to Kate Upton, like, 'Oh, I guess I don't need, need this. Just putting it back.'" the Comedy Central star revealed. "But then I'll go somewhere like Tennessee, and there I'm Kate Upton."

    "Somebody called me skinny there. I'm like, 'Is this Narnia?' I'm moving there," she continued.

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    Amy Schumer, David Letterman CBS

    Never shy about being honest about her curves, Schumer compared her body type to the women who starred in "those Dove soap commercials."

    "Did you see them? I remember the girls came on, in their bra and underwear, they came out on camera and they're girls like my size. Like size, 6,8, 10…" she said, as her voice got softer rattling off the increasing sizes. "12 at the holidays."

    To hear more about the second season of her series, watch the clip above now!

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