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    Eva Mendes Says Jeans Are Her "Worst Nightmare," Doesn't Like Showing Off Her Curves

    Eva Mendes, Flare Magazine Guy Aroch/Flare

    Eva Mendes may have a killer physique, but she doesn't always like showing it off!

    The brunette beauty graces the cover of Flare magazine and explained how she isn't a huge fan of body-baring clothing during her downtime.

    "I don't like when it's just me and I'm not working. I don't like feeling like I'm on display," she told the fashion publication.

    "It's not that I'm against body-conscious clothes—I have worn them on the red carpet or out—but when I'm photographed in them, I always regret it. For me, it's always been the easy way out. When I wear something a little more revealing, I think, 'Oh, gosh, I should have been more creative.'"

    Mendes also shared that she's extra cautious when it comes to picking out her outfits for her day-to-day life.

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    Eva Mendes, Flare Magazine Guy Aroch/Flare

    "It's an important part of my day, what I choose to wear and put out there in the world. I also have to remember that I probably will be photographed at the gas pump."

    So what's the one thing that the Los Angeles native tries to definitely steer clear of in her closet? Jeans!

    "I'm always in dresses, in skirts—I think they're so easy," she explained.

    "People are always saying, 'I love jeans, they're so casual and easy,' but I think jeans aren't easy. They're my worst nightmare."

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