Black Eyed Peas masterminded knows how to get it started. And that's got him under investigation by German cops.

The hip-hop superstar was questioned by police in Berlin over his role in a melee that erupted at an after-show party thrown by his group Wednesday night.

According to published reports, Will was hanging with fellow Peas Fergie, Taboo and Apl, in the VIP section of the 40seconds nightclub following a World Cup gig at the city's Adidas Arena when one of their bodyguards got into a nasty spat with security.

The Peas' guard, who's yet to be identified, allegedly began arguing with the venue's bouncer at about 1:30 a.m. Things quickly escalated, with the bodyguard allegedly hitting the bouncer in the head with a bottle.

At that point, as Will reportedly tried to step in to mediate, all hell broke loose, with people throwing glasses and bottles at each other.

"It was a bloodbath," one eyewitness described to Britain's Sun tabloid about what happened next.

Onlookers reported that at least one person began swinging an iron bar. The Sun published photographs of the bloody row, showing dodging punches and MC Taboo wrapping his arms around reigning Miss Germany, Isabelle Knispel, to protect her from brawlers.

Authorities broke up the fight, but not before the singer, his bodyguard and the doorman were temporarily detained while officers collected statements and contact information. Police did not disclose the name of the bouncer, who in one photo, clutched his bloody face. All three men were later released; investigators are weighing whether to charge them with causing bodily harm and serious bodily injury.

"A champagne bottle was used, but as far as what the singer did, there are various reports that contradict one another, and it's not yet clear what happened," police spokesman Ronny Frank told Berlin's BZ newspaper.

The cause of the initial dispute, between the bodyguard and the bouncer, remains unclear. Some reports indicate that bouncer got ticked at the bodyguard for waving people into the club. But the New York Daily News reported that the Peas' bodyguard blew up at the bouncer for allowing paparazzi to snap some pictures of the Grammy-winning quartet.

The other Peas escaped unharmed. But the Daily News reported that the group's female assistant was cut near her throat by a flying shard of glass and was treated at the scene by paramedics.

There's been no comment from the Black Eyed Peas camp.

The group is expected to resume its European tour in support of the multiplatinum 2005 album, Monkey Business. The Peas are scheduled to play the Rock Werchter Festival in Leuven, Belgium, Friday night, the Montreux Jazz Festival in Montreux, Switzerland, on Saturday, and the Cornetto Free Music Festival in Rome on Sunday.

Earlier this week, the Black Eyed Peas won Best Group at the BET Awards as performed two numbers, including the show's finale with Prince.