How I Met Your Mother

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Some shows go out with a whimper. Some with a bang. But How I Met Your Mother went out with a WTF?!

What the F?!

Who the F?!

Why the F?!

The CBS sitcom aired its series finale on Monday, March 31, bringing Ted's (Josh Radnor) nine-season-long story of how he met his children's mother (Cristin Milioti) to an end—with a shocking bait-and-switch final five minutes.

Some of us loved it, but judging from Twitter, the overwhelming majority of fans were...not pleased. (Seriously, we think we heard Dexter Morgan breathe a sigh of relief in his secluded cabin in the woods from all the way over here. And that dirt on the floor? It's from Lost's Damon Lindelof's shoulder, which he just brushed off.)

Many How I Met Your Mother fans who have been watching all along felt they had been betrayed by the very last episode. You can read our recap to find out why—and vote for how you feel about the final episode!

But was HIMYM the worst TV finale ever?

We've ranked the best and worst finales in recent TV history—with the help of thousands of TV fans who have voted!—and below, you'll find the definitive breakdown of how they stack up.

Let's face it, they can't all be Breaking Bad, which scored an astonishing 94.38% "Loved It" from fans after the series finale aired. Ditto for Friends, which earned an 86.90% approval rating.

Was HIMYM's swan song still better than Dexter's ending, which scored a dismal 66.88% "Loathed It," making it the previous holder of the title of Worst Finale of All Time?

To find out HIMYM's place in TV history, click below!

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