Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, Flynn


Orlando Bloom is admitting he felt a bit lost after separating from ex-wife Miranda Kerr last year.

In a new interview, the 37-year-old actor is opening up about life post-split.

"After a period of feeling a little rudderless, I feel like I've set a course again," Bloom told The Mirror. "I feel very much like I'm at the beginning of something, like I'm going to come into my own as an actor."

Bloom and Kerr announced their split in October 2013 after three years of marriage. Bloom insists there was nothing messy about their decision the break up.

"I'm grateful that I've got a great, amicable separation from my ex," he said. "We'd done our best. It was time to say let's give this some breathing space."

Since splitting, Kerr and Bloom have been spotted together multiple times with their son, Flynn.

Kerr opened up about single life in an interview with British GQ this week. "I'm dating. I'm loving it," she admitted. "Two happy parents are better than two unhappy parents. This is my time to explore and have some fun. I'm not looking to fall in love again quickly. I still get chatted up a lot. I've had some crazy, ridiculous proposals—stuff that you wouldn't even see in the movies. No blind dates, however, and I never google a man's name before I meet him."

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