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    Eric Decker Strips Down In Preparation for the Super Bowl—See the Full Eric & Jessie Recap!

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    When we last saw Eric Decker and Jessie James, the hot couple had just gotten married and were finally ready to start their lives together.

    Jessie was working on her latest album and Eric was having a great season as a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos.

    He wanted to start a family right off the bat and it looks like he got his wish!

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    In the season premiere of Eric & Jessie: Game On, Jessie is helping her man stretch and they chat about what's coming up in their lives.

    Eric has an important football season to worry about, but his main focus is on Jessie and the baby.

    E&J Recap, EP 201


    Jessie's still stretching Eric and decides to have a little fun...

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    They're excited for Eric's upcoming championship game that will determine if he and the Broncos head to the Super Bowl!

    Then finally the first kiss of the new season!

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    So adorable!

    And don't even think that Jessie's pregnancy has taken anything out of their sexy love life.

    It looks like it has only helped that situation...

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    Jessie heads out to lunch with her mom Karen and her sister Sydney.

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    So nice to see them together again!

    They talk about her pregnancy and if Eric will be able to handle being in the delivery room when the baby arrives.

    Jessie doesn't think he has a strong enough stomach to do it. He passes out at the sight of blood!

    While the ladies are having their girl time, Eric meets up with his old friend and teammate Demaryius Thomas (DT).

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    They're going through physical therapy to make sure they're at their peak for the upcoming game.

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    This is when Eric takes his shirt off...

    Can you say "bed head?"

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    Eric and DT finish up their stretches and head to the cold tub to help with their muscles.

    Because this is such an important part of the episode, lets break down Eric's thought process and overall tub expierence (aka more reasons to see Eric shirtless)...

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    Eric sees the tub and contemplates whether or not he should make the dip.

    This is a very important decision.

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    Because he knows the extreme health benefits, he decides to take the plunge and slowly starts to get into the tub.

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    DT jumps right in and Eric finally gets the strength to get a little more wet.

    The midsection is always the worst, right?

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    He's finally getting used to it...

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    He starts to shiver and finally decides to hit the hot tub.

    Andddd we're done.

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    Sydney tells Jessie that she's seeing someone and they're taking it slow.

    Jessie's sister has made the decision to wait until marriage to have sex and she admits that can make dating a little bit harder.

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    Jessie, Sydney and Karen head to the big game and the Broncos win!

    They're going to the Super Bowl!

    Jessie is so excited and proud of everything Eric has accomplished! He's been in the league for only four years and gets to go to the game of all games.

    This is huge!

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    After celebrating the win, Eric and Jessie head to the doctor's office for an ultrasound and it might be the cutest thing ever.

    Eric's right by her side and they're seeing their baby, Vivianne Rose Decker, for the last time before they meet her in person.

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    Look how cute she is!

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    Jessie says she's glad Eric's the baby's daddy and Eric's happy that she's his baby momma!

    They're both hoping the baby waits until after the Super Bowl. The last thing Jessie wants is for her to pop out during the big game.

    The episode ends with a sweet moment and we can't wait to see more!

    E&J Recap, EP 201

    Tune-in next Sunday at 10/9c for an all-new episode of Eric & Jessie: Game On!

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