Looks like Seal's going to have to dip into that diaper fund.

On Thursday, just four days after the soulful Grammy-winning musician announced he and Heidi Klum are expecting another child, a London judge ruled that the "Crazy" purveyor must pay his former manager nearly $2 millon in commissions from his first two albums.

High Court Judge Charles Gray held Seal liable for a 1995 agreement with John Wadlow. That means the artist will have to cough up an estimated $1.8 million, with the first installment of about $922,000 due by July 21. The singer was also ordered to cover his ex-business associate's court costs, estimated at about $900,000.

Seal, whose given name is Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adelo Samuel, had denied any culpability in the case, asserting he owed nothing.

While the judge said the English singer made an "impressive witness" during the trial, he ultimately owed much of his initial success to Wadlow's efforts. Wadlow ran Seal's early career, including overseeing the singer's first two albums in 1991 and 1994, both titled Seal, before parting ways.

"I am in no doubt that [Seal's] accounts of events was an honest attempt on his part to recollect events, most of which took place long ago," Gray said. "He has had little formal education, but he is clearly an intelligent man. His answers in cross-examination were thoughtful, modest and fluently expressed."

But, the judge continued, "it appeared to me that, at least in the early years of his career as an artist, he had little interest in its financial aspects and preferred to concentrate on his music."

Regarding Wadlow's testimony, Gray said, "There is no doubt that in the early days he did a great deal to help Seal to build a career. Once Seal's career took off, he felt himself entitled to share in that success."

Gray declared that Wadlow was entitled to "continuing" commissions because a settlement agreement between the two men gave Wadlow the right to collect royalties from the entertainer's future earnings for those early records, which spawned such radio-friendly hits as "Killer" and "Kiss from a Rose."

During the trial, the 43-year-old performer took the stand claiming that Wadlow, once a beloved mentor and father figure, betrayed him by manipulating him into signing off on the settlement, and therefore, the contract was unenforceable. But the judge ultimately disagreed.

Seal and Wadlow met in 1987, when the latter was a co-owner of U.K.-based Beethoven Street Studios.

While Thursday's ruling is likely to put a temporary squeeze on Seal's cash flow, we were just kidding with the diaper crack. He still earns millions of dollars from song royalties, and Klum's income from modeling and running Bravo's hit reality series Project Runway isn't too shabby.

The couple, who have been married since May 2005, have a nine-month-old son named Henry; and Klum has a two-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

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