Attention Clone Club: We've got your back!

It's no secret that we at E! Online are obsessed with BBC America's smash series, Orphan Black, as all good TV fans are. So to celebrate the fact that season two is just around the corner (April 19), we're gifting you with an entire Orphan Black week, with five exclusive videos, only on E! Online! Get ready for exclusive behind-the-scenes secrets because each day we're going to be highlighting the upcoming obstacles of a different character. You're very, very welcome.

Kicking things off, we've got a sneak peek video featuring TV's most gifted actress, Tatiana Maslany, dishing about our favorite badass Brit, Sarah Manning. Not to mention, we've got your first look at some of season two's most pivotal, never-before-seen moments that will definitely help curb your clone-loving cravings.

Click on the video above to witness one minute and 22 seconds of pure adrenaline-pumping fun to make your day infinitely more incredible. Go on, we'll wait...

Orphan Black, Tatiana Maslany

Steve Wilkie/BBC AMERICA

It's so freakin' good, right?!

It's time to delve deeper into the mysterious origins of our genetically enhanced doppelgängers, and Sarah is leading the charge with guns a blazing. Maslany confirms, "Her drive is the drive of the series so she's definitely a large part of my heart and so to come back to her was really exciting."

We've already seen the first four episodes of season two and trust us when we tell you that Sarah's storyline is headed straight into a beehive of jaw-dropping reunions and surprises.

"Sarah is in a place of complete desperation at the start of season two. She's without any kind of sense of what is going on in her life, she's completely lost," the Orphan Black star reveals in our exclusive interview. "She's trying to… get some semblance of her life back together and fight for her life, and fight for her family and her home."

And while we can all agree that Maslany has the perfect clone combination—Cosima's wits, Sarah's spunk, Rachel's confidence and Allison's wine collection—we still can't pinpoint which sister is our favorite. Oh, well! Looks like we'll just have to continue loving each of them for as long as this thrilling series stays on the air. (10 seasons and a movie!)

We'll continue with our Orphan Black Week first thing Monday morning, so keep checking back to E! Online and follow @KristinDSantos on Twitter for your exclusive sneak peeks of all the clone craziness coming up.

The second season of Orphan Black premieres Saturday, April 19 at 9 p.m. on BBC America.

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