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DreamWorks Animator and Coolest Dad Ever Edits Videos to Turn His Son Into a Superhero

Grappling Gun Kid Youtube

Would it be creepy if we asked this guy to adopt us? Probably. But still, if you're reading, dad, we'd make great children. We're clean, we don't mouth off and we hardly ever throw tantrums. Email us! We want to be superheroes, too!

Daniel Hashimoto, an After Effects artist for DreamWorks (the people behind Kung Fu Panda and the Shrek series), uses his talent and video skills to edit videos of his kid, 3-year-old James. And the results are mind-blowingly awesome. We are officially super-jealous of a 3-year-old.

"I made them mostly because he is really funny and imaginative. James doesn't watch TV or movies very much. We play tons of games with him throughout the day," Daniel told New York Daily News. "It's humbling and I'm excited that a little hobby I have is enjoyable to other people."

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How can you not enjoy videos of an adorable kid who turns his McDonald's PlayPlace into a rocket ship or has his very own grappling gun that allows him to hang from the ceiling? Daniel also edited videos of James to make it look like he is jumping around their lava-filled living room, and there is of course the obligatory lightsaber battle with a shelf. (Spoiler: The shelf loses).

Watch some of Daniel's videos below, and please check out the rest of his series at his YouTube channel, Action Movie Kid. You won't be disappointed.

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