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    Dina Lohan Feared Lindsay Would Die, Tells Oprah She's Still "Nervous" About Daughter's Future—Watch Now!

    Lindsay Lohan's mom has gotten a bad rap sometimes, but it's very clear that she's always loved her daughter.

    Dina Lohan opened up to Oprah Winfrey about the actress's struggles, admitting there were times when she feared Lindsay's hard-partying ways would kill her.

    In a clip from the OWN docu-series Lindsay, Oprah asks Dina bluntly, "Did you think there were days when she wouldn't make it?"

    The mom of four is visibly upset, struggling to hold back tears as she confirms. Then Oprah asks, "What was the darkest for you?" and Dina answers, "That. Losing her."

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    "The more the press would keep staying she's going to be [one of those tragic Hollywood stories]—they were like putting that out in the universe," Dina says, trying not to lose her composure. "That was scaring me the most, 'cause I knew that could happen to her."

    Oprah notes that Lindsay, post-rehab, is back home in New York and "seems to be in a better place" without "sycophants" surrounding her. Dina smiles at this, saying she still feels, "Uneasy, but calmer."

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    Why? "Because she's newly sober," Dina says, "So I'm nervous." Oprah then asks her, "Do you believe that she's now ready to turn it around for herself?"

    Dina's answer might surprise you. Watch the clip above to find out what she had to say, and tune in to Lindsay on OWN, Sunday at 10 p.m.

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