Selena Gomez

Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Free The Children

Some suffering companies out there may want to consider saving themselves from shut down by putting Selena Gomez at the helm. Sure the "Come & Get It" singer has been known for her acting and singing career, but if this red pantsuit is any indication, she could shut a board room of grumbling executives up in a hot minute!

Then again, she'd probably want to put some sort of shirt on under that blazer to make sure her employees remain focused on the agenda at hand...

All joking aside, we are thrilled to see the Getaway star looking so powerful in her getup. The speech she made at We Day in this scarlet-colored suit referenced having lost sight of who she was. Well, if this fashion is any form of self-expression, we're thrilled to say that a fierce version of the starlet has been re-found.

As far as we're concerned, the former Disney star should throw this look on whenever she's feeling a twinge of weakness. At the very least, the bold color will give her strength. And at the very most, someone might offer her a company to run!

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