Alisa Finley


In further proof that Channing Tatum is also one of the sexiest men alive on the inside...

After word got out via Facebook that 18-year-old Alisa Finley wanted nothing more in life than to kiss the movie star, he blew her a kiss via video message, part of which he shot during the Oscars and combined with footage of himself and wife Jenna Dewan Tatum dedicating a version of Pharrell's "Happy" to her.

But Alisa is no ordinary fan. The Kansas teen is battling stage-four brain cancer, and "kiss Channing Tatum" is No. 1 on a 48-item bucket list that her loved ones posted to the Facebook page that they created in her honor, called "Alisa's Butterflies."

Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, Oscars

ABC/Rick Rowell

Are you tearing up yet?

"Hey, Alisa, what's goin' on, it's Chan," Tatum begins in his video, titled "A Kiss for Alisa" and which was first flagged by Buzzfeed last week. "Hi!" he giggles, the consummate boy moving in for a kiss.

"Just wanted to send you a little vid and say what's up and hope you're doing good today and...oh, we were at the Oscars the other night and Pharrell came on and we can't ever be, you nkow, not dancing and happy when that song comes on...So we made a little ditty, a little song for you...

"Just know that you're loved and that we're givin' you a big ole kiss from over here." He followed that with a muah.

Watch the whole thing to see how Tatum changed Pharrell's lyrics to suit Alisa. (It's really, really adorable.) There's a reason why "Channing Tatum's everything" made our list of pop-culture stuff that makes us happy.

And now on Alisa's bucket list, which also includes goals such as "kiss under the Eiffel Tower" and "no [Facebook] for 2 weeks," there's a note next to No. 1 that reads "almost done."

Hey, maybe she and the actor can meet up in Paris one day and cross two whole items off at once.

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