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    Watch This Man Eat Every Burger From the Burger King Menu in Only 12 Minutes

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    It's been a big news day for the Burger Kingdom. First, a baby that was abandoned in a Burger King bathroom almost 30 years ago reunited with her bio mom. And now there's video of a guy eating every burger from the Burger King menu in only 12 minutes (though it actually took him 24 minutes to do it). Good for you, Burger King! You're doing everything right! 

    It all started three weeks ago, when B.K. issued a challenge (but not really) to its Instagram followers, positing this picture along with the caption, "One of each? #likeaking"

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    Still, YouTube competitive eater L.A. Beast took it upon himself to complete their challenge.

    The first minute and a half is Beast in the drive thru. The grand total is $35.15 and includes: 

    1. Hamburger
    2. Cheeseburger
    3. Bacon Cheeseburger
    4. Double Cheeseburger
    5. Double Bacon Cheeseburger
    6. Junior Whopper
    7. Whopper
    8. Angry Whopper
    9. Double Whopper
    10. Triple Whopper With Cheese

    That's ten (10) burgers, plus an extra Whopper that Burger King included by accident. Plus, he wore an electric shock collar the entire time, because, at this point, why not? If you can make it past the ten-minute mark, where he dry heaves for about 30 seconds, you can watch anything.

    Spoiler alert: The meal contains 6370 calories. And watching him eat it all is...disgusting.

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