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Sienna Miller Covers Nylon Magazine, Admits: "I'm Not Very Good at the Selfie Face"

Nylon, Sienna Miller Marvin Scott Jarrett/Nylon Magazine

Despite clearly being very photogenic, Sienna Miller says she struggles with taking pictures of herself. "I'm not very good at the selfie face," the actress shares in the April 2014 issue of Nylon magazine.  "I can do it for, like, three seconds and then I crack up."

We assume she's referring to some version of duckface, otherwise someone should tell her laughing selfies are welcome too. And judging by the publication's cover, her giggling face is the better choice anyways.

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Nylon, Sienna Miller Marvin Scott Jarrett/Nylon Magazine

Still, it's nice to know that star doesn't take herself too seriously. "Life is really short. A lot of what we do is a reaction to what people think you're supposed to do. 'Have a kid by 30. Move in, but live together for at least this amount of time.' All of those rules I want to rebel against."

Which is probably why the Layer Cake actress opted to move in with fiancé Tom Sturridge "after two weeks" of dating. The couple would later welcome daughter, Marlowe. But outside of her happy home life, Sienna says she's also feels sure in her career as well. "I've gotten to the point where I feel much more confident in myself and my ability. If you start to feel that, inevitably, it will affect your work and your perception."

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Nylon, Sienna Miller Marvin Scott Jarrett/Nylon Magazine

And that includes the times her job requires her to go to dark places. "If I go to work and have to sob all day and kill myself thinking about every sad thing that's every happened, I'll get home feeling like I've flexed some sort of muscle."


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