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Hilary Rhoda’s Beauty Secrets: "There Are Many Types of Beauty and Self-Confidence is Key"

Hilary Rhoda, Marie Claire Mexico Hunter & Gatti/Marie Claire

Supermodel Hilary Rhoda may have been blessed with some near-perfect features (those infamous eyebrows, for example), but even though she won the gene pool game, she realizes that beauty goes way beyond pretty skin.

Hilary graces the April 2014 cover of Marie Claire Mexico, clad in a shimmery ensemble by Mexican fashion designer Kris Goyri and wearing her hair slicked back. In the issue, she waxes poetic on her secrets to inner beauty.

"It's not about certain physical aspects that all women should have, but a kind of energy that you exude," she says. "There are many types of beauty, and self-confidence is the key." 

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Hilary Rhoda, Marie Claire Mexico Hunter & Gatti/Marie Claire

She also gives some savvy advice for how to stay feeling at your best, always. "You should take care of yourself whatever body type you might have. You need to exercise because it's healthy and does you good. It has nothing to do with fitting a size; it's a matter of well being."

As for her beauty icons? "My American beauty icons are women like Michelle Pfeiffer and Rene Russo, who are very elegant and just get better and better with age," she reveals.

Also in the issue Hilary dishes on who she would switch bodies with for a day, if she could. "Tina Fey! She's so funny and talented," she gushes. "Just to be in her shoes for one day and do what she does would be very interesting." We totally agree. That would be our pick, too!

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