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Josh Charles, on a TV comedy? Could happen!

While fans of The Good Wife mourn what was arguably the most shocking (SPOILER ALERT)! death on TV all season long—RIP Will Gardner—at least two shows are hoping to bring Charles on for an episode, or more: Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

"I would love for Josh to guest star on Parks and Recreation," star Adam Scott told E! News at a lunch earlier this week. "I think it would be so great. He's a good friend and a really hilarious person."

Only hitch? Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg insists he had the same idea. "I pitched [Josh] for Brookyn Nine-Nine already today!" he told me.

Adam Scott, Parks and Recreation


The man who runs both shows, Mike Schur, doesn't seem to care which series Josh Charles comes to—Parks or Brooklyn—just that he comes.

"I love that idea! I knew [Josh] in New York a little bit because I'm a big Orioles fan and he's a big Red Sox fan and we used to walk around New York arguing," Schur told me. "I don't if that's enough to put me over the top above all the other showrunners asking for him, though."

Parks does seem to have an in, because Josh Charles himself tweeted  Tuesday night that he personally called Parks star Retta (a diehard Good Wife fan) to talk her through her Will Gardner grief, "I just got off the phone with @unfoRETTAble. She's calm and stable, but everyone please keep an eye out on her as she's one of my favorites!" Retta shared her hilarious take on the experience with us, revealing that Josh told her, "Next week is worse!"

Adam Scott also is apparently part of Josh's inner circle, as he revealed that he was one of the oh-so-very few and oh-so-very proud: The Will Gardner secret-keepers. (How that spoiler didn't get out shall remain the great TV mystery of the ages!)

"I've known for a while that Josh was leaving the show," Scott told me, "because I'm friends with Josh, but I didn't know when or how he was going, so it was a shock.  I'm still in shock. He is dead. He is so very dead. It's so sad!"

The next episode of The Good Wife airs Sunday on CBS, and will focus on the eight hours following Will's death. And like all devout Good Wife fans, Adam has lingering questions: "I still don't know if Hunter Parrish's character was guilty or innocent. I feel like in order for someone to snap like that, he would almost have to be innocent, right? That's the more interesting way to go, so my money is on that."

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