(WARNING: While all penises within this post are covered, these Instagrams may border on porn. But porn for a good cause! Just tell that to your boss if s/he finds this post NSFW.)

Well, well, well—we never turn a blind eye to charity. So we feel a moral obligation to inspect this latest cause: Guys are posting selfies of themselves, fully nude except for a sock covering their junk, and it's all for cancer.

The Cock in a Sock campaign attempts to raise money for Cancer Research U.K., the "world's leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research," and raise awareness for testicular and prostate cancer. And, like the name says, all you need to do is put your cock in a sock.

You can donate to Cock in a Sock by texting SOCK70 and the amount you want to donate to the number 70070 or visiting their Just Giving page. They're hoping to raise £5,000 and, as of March 14, they're nearly halfway there.

You can check out more pictures using the hashtag #cockinasock or #getyoursockout. They also have a Facebook page that's racked up over 100K likes. They've even found a way around some social media site's anti-nudity rules. 

If your photo gets flagged, they have this substitute, that says: "Sorry if seeing a man wearing something like this on his willy offends you. Maybe you prefer to see you or your loved ones suffering with CANCER? Keep donating! Ignore the hating!" 

And, gentlemen? Keep posting too.

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