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Meet the Real Stars of March Madness, Including the Seriously Enthusiastic Stanford Cowbell Guy

Standford Cowbell guy Twitter

College athletes? Please. The real stars of March Madness have nothing to do with basketball.

With the eyes of the entire nation watching college basketball game after college basketball game, it takes a truly special individual to stand out from the crowd like a bright, shining Internet star. But these people managed to stand up and proclaim: "Look at me, Internet! I'm GIF-worthy!"

And they certainly are. For example, this member of the Stanford band, who takes his job very, very seriously. While most would scoff at the idea of playing cowbell, Alex Chang knows without his sick beats, the entire percussion section (and possibly the entire band, maybe the entire world!) could fall apart. So he takes every ounce of energy and spirit within him and channels it into banging the crap out of his cowbell.

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The results are magical. He was an instant Internet phenomenon. He's basically two weeks away from being on the cover of Vogue. You can watch video of him below, or you can just enjoy the GIFs of his multiple appearances on our TV screens:

Stanford Cowbell GIF
Stanford Cowbell GIF

That's it. It's official. Christopher Walken does not have a fever for cowbell anymore. It's been cured by this kid.

Next on our March Madness star tour is this one-year-old boy named Wesley, who is experiencing his first March Madness game with his daddy. And he is the cutest thing since people realized cats shake their butts right before they pounce on something.*

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And don't you dare forget about Mercer guard Kevin Canevari, who busted out a celebratory dance called the NaeNae after his team upset Duke 78-71. He is a true champion. But not because of his basketball talents. Because of this:

Keep the Internet stars coming, March Madness! They shall successfully hold us over until the NFL draft.

*regarding cats wiggling their butts, please enjoy this:

Cat Wiggle GIFs
Cat Wiggle GIFs
Cat Wiggle GIFs
Cat Wiggle GIFs
Cat Wiggle GIFs

Surprise Shaq! Happy Tuesday, guys.

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