Frozen, Splinter Girl

Disney; YouTube

Here are some truths about children: First, kids hate getting splinters removed. It's worse than a shot at the doctor's office. It's basically a near-death experience. It's the worst. Just leave it in my body, it's a part of me now. Second, kid love Frozen. Kids looooove Frozen.

Combine those two truths and you have this amazing (and very, very dramatic) new viral video: "Poor Francesca singing while mom removes a splinter from her knee," the video's description explains. "Singing through the pain. It not as bad as she makes it seem."

"Let It Go" would seem like the more obvious choice, but we appreciate that Francesca went with the underappreciated track "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" It's a sadder song that we think truly conveys her vulnerability vis-à-vis that splinter.

And it sounds pretty metal if you scream-sing the lyrics while crying. Who knew? 

(H/T Buzzfeed)

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