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Why The Good Wife Death Twist Is Exciting

The Good Wife CBS

Let's face it: Nobody likes to see actors depart their favorite show, especially if said actor is the romantic lead and part of a central storyline that's been there since the show's beginning. When The Good Wife killed Josh Charles' character Will Gardner, everything fans knew and loved about the show was turned on its head. And that's a great thing.

The Good Wife constantly stands above the rest of the network fray. It's smart, takes chances and actually lets its characters evolve. By killing off its beloved male lead, The Good Wife essentially knocked all of its pieces off the chessboard, but of course that was the plan.

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The Will-Alicia-Peter love triangle served its purpose. Will was always going to be a "What if?" for Alicia. They were never truly fully "together," which left so much doubt in Alicia's mind, and seemed destined to never be together completely. They always had bad timing. But now they will never be fully "together." The feelings may linger, but it also provides a sense of closure for Alicia. The "What if?" can no longer happen. It's finite; the possibility of being together is gone. Will is gone. Will this be enough to make her leave her safety net that is Peter? Will it be enough to make her truly go after something that makes her happy?

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The Good Wife CBS

By killing off Will, the writers have set the stage for the next phase of evolution of Alicia Florrick. Is this tragedy greater than her husband's scandal? Her journey is what makes The Good Wife compelling TV. Viewers saw a glimpse at grieving Alicia when she learned of Kalinda's affair with Peter. But that was brief. Will's death will not only allow series star Julianna Margulies to turn in (what we assume will be) a stellar performances, but it gives the show a new kind of energy. All the main players are affected by Will's death. Everything is turned on its head. Nothing will ever be the same. Could it mean a reunion between Alicia and Kalinda? A merging of the two firms at the center of the show?

The Good Wife did a reset earlier in its fifth season when Alicia and Cary left Lockhart/Gardner firm to start one of their own. That's nothing compared to what this will do. At its heart, The Good Wife is a show about just that, the good wife Alicia Florrick. It wasn't about who Team Will or Team Peter. This is just another chapter in Alicia's journey, but a chapter that should prove to be most interesting and exciting for the people behind the scenes and the viewers at home. Sure, it may be hard for fans of Will to get over his death, but the results ultimately seem too sweet to ignore and that's why The Good Wife death is exciting.

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