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On This Week's The Fabulist: Kristin Cavallari and Orly Shani Talk Vitamin Drips, Unicorn Hair and More of the Latest Trends!

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On this week's episode of The Fabulist, hosts Kristin Cavallari and Orly Shani sat down with interior designer Jeremiah Brent and celebrity stylist June Ambrose to talk about the hottest upcoming trends.

Everyone on the panel agreed that while the buckle trend is back in a good way, it needs to be done in moderation (case in point: Vera Wang). Kristin added, "Bigger is not always better." And did you see Orly's amazing Manolos? Talk about the perfect buckle!

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The next trend goes straight to the vein: celebs like Simon Cowell and Rihanna are doing IV vitamin drips to rejuvenate themselves (and they're supposed to be great for hangovers as well). June raved about the increase in her energy levels from the drip while Jeremiah was freaked out by the idea, saying, "This can't be a trend because it's such a rich girl trend."

It looks like everyone is channeling their inner unicorn this spring as rainbow-colored hair hues are popping up on all the major runways. Orly also made a surprise reveal on the show by pulling her hair out from under her vest to show off colored tips. While the ladies loved the look, Jeremiah took a pass. Looks like it's boys against girls on this one!

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Other trends that were covered included socks paired with pumps, animal horn decor and the halfsies look.

Barefoot sandals have arrived just in time for the summer, but Jeremiah was confused by the trend, saying, "You know what else is cute? A sandal. With a bottom!"

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The Fabulist, Jeremiah Brent, June Ambrose Jennifer Cooper, E!

And the number one trend for this week waswait for itbig buckles! Due to its versatility as both a fashion piece and home design accessory, the panel chose this trend because it can be customized and pared down for any occasion.

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