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    Kate Upton Dances With Her CGI Clones for Vogue: "I Like Being Sexy"—Watch Now!

    Kate Upton is the best kind of sexy: Gorgeous, smart, funny and—most importantly—fun!

    The 21-year-old model-turned-actress is featured in Vogue's April 2014 issue. On the magazine's website, Kate (with a little help from CGI) dances with two other versions of herself. It's not the cat daddy or the Dougie, but three Kates busting a move together are pretty darn irresistible.

    The Other Woman star also gets candid with the mag, shutting down the interviewer's comparison between her and Marilyn Monroe, whose ending we all know was tragic. "Maybe it was drugs and alcohol that destroyed her. Maybe having no family support destroyed her," Kate says.

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    Kate Upton, Vogue Mario Testino/Vogue

    "What I try to do—and it took me a little while to learn—is to only do things I really believe in so that it's more of a collaboration," she explains. "That way, I'm not pretending to be someone I'm not. I'm not putting out this, Look at me! I'm sexy! and then feeling like a fake, which would lead to feeling depressed and empty inside."

    Kate's parents are supportive, she says, noting that she will "always talk about things with them before i take a job." For the most part, mom and dad "understand. It's just part of my personality, and maybe some things I took too far, but...I like being sexy."

    Still, the Florida-born blond beauty knows when to say no. "Yes, I definitely have limits," she says. "But I never like to say never because I feel like I'm setting myself up. There's a line between becoming, you know, a little cheap and cheesy versus being sexy. And I try to be very careful of that line."

    She dances along that line just beautifully.

    Kate Upton, Vogue Mario Testino/Vogue

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