Oscar Pistorius, Home

REUTERS/Andrea Ettwein; Getty Images

Oscar Pistorius wants to part ways the home where he fatally shot Reeva Steepkamp in February 2013.

The South African Olympic athlete's lawyers said, per NBC, he's placing his Pretoria mansion up for auction to help cover is ever-growing legal bills.

"He's paying for his own defense, and he needs cash quick. This trial was originally slated to be three weeks," NBC News' Jeff Rossen explains in a special report, "but it could be another month or so."

Bidding for the 8,000-square-foot home will reportedly open up at around $500,000. Its luxe amenities include four bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, a veranda, a jacuzzi lounge, a pool and a sprawling backyard.

One relator told Rossen he expects Pistorius will "get a lot more for the house" than the original estimate. Another relator, however, pointed out that a violent crime occurred in the house, and "people aren't going to pay market value for that."

Pistorius' trial is still ongoing. If convinced premeditated murder, he could face a minimum of 25 years in prison. He could also get five years for each of the three gun indictments he's been charged with.

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