Frank Ocean

Karl Walter/Getty Images for Coachella

Well, it looks like Frank Ocean didn't have a special message for Chipotle after all.

The singer was in the middle of a lawsuit with the popular Mexican chain restaurant after he backed out of lending his vocals to its new marketing campaign—which he was paid a $212,500 advance for. But that wasn't what made the story so buzzworthy.

After the public caught wind of the lawsuit, Ocean posted a photo of a cashier's check for the previously stated amount to Chipotle on his Tumblr page, and on the bottom left corner in the memo box, he wrote "F--k off."

Oh whaaaaat?! Things got hot in the kitchen real quick.

Frank Ocean, Check

But unfortunately, as exciting and juicy as all of that was, we now find out it was fake—at least, the F-off part was.

The Channel Orange singer did pay the restaurant the amount owed, resulting in the lawsuit being dropped, but Ocean never wrote an expletive-filled message to the chain on the check.

"We received a check, yes (and have dropped the suit)," Chris Arnold, Communications Director for Chipotle, tells E! News. "It, however, did not say 'f--k off' on the memo line as it did in the photos he posted."

Arnold added, "Nice stunt, though, Frank."

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