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Justin Timberlake Searches for an Engaged Couple in "Not a Bad Thing" Music Video—Watch Now!


Justin Timberlake teamed up with Ellen DeGeneres to premiere the music video for his hit song "Not a Bad Thing," the third single off of his Grammy-nominated album The 20/20 Experience—2 of 2.

As the funnylady described, the video, "is based on a true story of a guy that proposed to his girlfriend a few weeks ago on train and he used this song but Justin hasn't been able to find the couple, so this video is actually a search for them."

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Justin Timberlake, Not a Bad Thing, Ellen Sara De Boer/; RCA

The video begins by showing footage of a couple's proposal (on National Proposal Day, how fitting!) as Justin's love song plays in the background before two documentarians go on a mission to find the couple in question.

During their search, they encounter a number of couples of all different ages, races and sexes who are happy to share their personal love stories in a series of aww-worthy moments.

Timberlake's team is seen conducting radio interviews, knocking on doors and posting on social media in an attempt to find the engaged duo, but unfortunately, their search is unsuccessful and they are left still looking for the lovebirds.

"I think this couple is inspiring. I think their story is a reminder that romance isn't dead and that you can still look around and see love everywhere," the female filmmaker says in the clip.

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Justin Timberlake, Not a Bad Thing, Ellen Sara De Boer/; RCA

The video ends as the two documentarians approach yet another household in search of the mystery couple while the words "to be continued" flash across the screen.

Cue Ellen in studio who says, "Obviously, if you know this couple, contact us, because Justin is trying to find you and we'll put you all together."

Somehow, we have a feeling they'll all be reunited soon.

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