Snoop Dogg has returned to London with his tail between his legs.

The rapper racked up more frequent-flier miles--presumably not on British Airways--as he flew to Britain Wednesday to meet with police concerning his arrest at Heathrow Airport last month.

During his powwow with Metropolitan Police, the "Beautiful" singer fessed up to his role in the airport melee that left seven officers injured.

According to police, Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, appeared at the airport police station and "accepted a caution for a Section Four Public Order Act matter, using threatening words or behavior."

The caution is tantamount to a wrist slap for the rapper, who as a result of his accepting responsibility in the incident will face no other penalties or punishment, save for a record of the fracas being kept on file.

Snoop and five members of his posse were arrested at the London hub Apr. 26 on suspicion of "violent disorder and affray"--a fancy way to say "throwing down"--after getting into a brawl with police and airport staff.

The 34-year-old performer and his entourage were reportedly denied entry into British Airways' first-class lounge, as only three of his 30-strong posse held first-class tickets. The group refused to retire to the more plebeian business-class lounge and instead headed to the terminal's duty-free shop, where they allegedly began running amok, hurling whiskey bottles around the store, looting cigarettes and booze and causing what's generally referred to as "a scene."

Police were called in after receiving reports of the disturbance, and upon their arrival, according to several published reports of the incident, one of Snoop's bodyguards went "berserk" and began attacking the uniformed men.

The rapper and his associates, who were on their way to Johannesburg to kick off a South African concert series, were arrested and held in custody overnight with the requirement that they return to face any potential sentences.

There's still no word on whether the Bobbies will be equally as lax with the rapper's associates as they were with him, though the five men reportedly met with police later in the day. But regardless of what the cops decide to dole out, British Airways has already issued its own verdict: The rapper and his posse have been banned from all future flights operated by the airline.

"This kind of behavior is not tolerated," an airline spokesman said after the incident. They weren't kidding.

"We are making sure none of this group will be allowed to travel with BA ever again. They are banned from now on."

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