Karl Lagerfeld London Store

karl.com; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Now this is shopping on a whole other level!

If you're guilty of always taking selfies in the fitting room to send to your closest friends for a group consensus before making a big purchase, Karl Lagerfeld is cutting half the legwork out for you.

The Kaiser, who just unveiled his first retail store in London for his eponymous label, has installed a photo booth in the dressing room of his chic boutique so shoppers can snap selfies with ease and share on their social media feed in one fell swoop.

Um, ah-mazing!

Whether you think this bold move is totally brilliant or a bit on the intrusive side, we have to hand it to the fashion icon for keeping a pulse on what's hot and happening in the world today.

Lagerfeld's shop also boasts a digital guestbook for fans to leave feedback for the fashion extraordinaire and also smartly lined all of the product rails with iPad minis to display his ready-to-wear collections digitally.

As if those fun elements weren't enticing enough, we're happy to report that Karl's label is more affordable than anything you'll scoop up at Chanel with approachable price points and fun accessories like iPhone cases and figurines to take home as stylish souvenirs.

Karl, you've done it again.

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