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100 Reasons Glee Will Always Have a Weird and Special Place in Our Hearts

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Glee's 100th episode is airing tonight, which is a huge milestone for any show. And no series has seen more ups and downs and love and hate than this Fox musical series.

So in honor of Glee reaching 100 episodes, we've gone ahead and listed all the times we've said to ourselves while watching the show: "Oh, Glee! Don't you ever change."

That means that some of these moments brought us pure joy or pure sadness, while other moments just confused us, annoyed us or even angered us. But in the end, Glee is supposed to make people laugh and cry and get frustrated. That's Glee's job, and it should really own that.

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So here, off the top of our heads, are 100 times Glee made us feel, for lack of a better word, things:

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1. Quinn getting a Ryan Seacrest tattoo.
2. The first time we heard Darren Criss sing.
3. Santana going all Lima Heights.
4. Will awkwardly twerking with his students.
5. When Tina used to be a vampire. Remember that?
6. Kate Hudson's rocking body.
7. Blaine and The Warblers deciding that singing a song about getting a person alone to Blaine's crush during his shift at the Gap was a good idea.
8. Jonathan Groff's hair. And face. And voice. Just everything about Jonathan Groff, really.
9. Fondue for Two
10. When Sue told Will she was "positively horny with grief."

Glee GIFs

11. Brittana fans.
12. Fabrerry fans.
13. Klaine fans.
14. Finchel fans.
15. Puckleberry fans.
16. Finbray fans.
17 Wemma fans.
18. Quinntana fans.
19. Quick fans.
20. Basically every fan who ever shipped any two people on that show ever.

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Glee GIFs

21. Mash-ups, y'all!
22. Especially "Rumor Has It" and "Someone Like You."
23. Naya Rivera's wardrobe seemingly getting tighter and tighter.
24 Barely seeing through our tears during the Cory Monteith tribute episode.
25. "And that's what you missed on…Glee!"
26. Vocal Adrenaline.
27. Dianna Agron's pretty face that makes it hard to stare at her too long
28. Will's vests. All 900 of them.
29. Artie's wheelchair moves, especially his little hand wave.
30. The "Defying Gravity" battle

Glee GIFs

31. Living Disney prince Matt Bomer playing Blaine's brother.
32. Wondering if Sue is still going after the glee club, even after all this time.
33. The New York vs. McKinley High debate.
34. Heather Morris' deadpan delivery.
35. Kurt's knee-high boots.
36. Dropping plot lines without any explanation.
37. Rachel's crush on Blaine.
38. Mike O'Malley.
39. When the men of New Directions got Justin Bieber makeovers.
40. When John Stamos was on the show for a hot minute.

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41. Coach Beiste always making us cry.
42. Sue Sylvester marrying herself.
43. Dolphins are just gay sharks.
44. Artie flinging himself into the pool during Will's proposal.
45. Tina vapor-rubbing on Blaine…while crying.
46. Every time Sue physically assaults a student
47. "Who's Josh Groban? Kill yourself!"
48. All the jokes about Chord Overstreet's giant mouth.
49. The Britney Spears tribute episodes.
50. Honestly wondering if there are any couple combinations the show hasn't tried out.

Glee GIFs

51. Ricky Martin guest starring as a teacher.
52. Gwyneth Paltrow guest starring as a teacher.
53. Remember when Eve was on the show?
54. So was Helen Mirren! She was Becky Jackson's inner voice.
55. And don't forget about Lindsay Lohan.
56. Brittany and Santana watching Sweet Valley High and getting their cuddle on.
57. Didn't Sam and Brittany date, too?
58. Emma's OCD. Girl used to polish grapes.
59. When Sue had a baby.
60. When we thought we were going to lose Burt Hummel to a heart attack.

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Glee GIFs

61. Finding it hard to care about the new Glee people when they first started.
62. Finding it hard to care about the new Glee people now.
63. The Frankenteen nickname.
64. Will and Beiste's kiss.
65. When Adele Dazeem and Lea Michele dueted to "Poker Face."
66. The serious, serious passion of the fanbase.
67. When the girls of New Directions got high on Vitamin D.
68. When Finn thought you could get pregnant without having sex.
69. Every shirtless Sam scene.
70. The boyband Will, Puck, Finn, etc. started in season one.

Glee GIFs

71. The covers that get stuck in our head for days after an episode airs.
72. The original songs that did not get stuck in our head.
73. When we were there when characters lost their virginity.
74. "Push it real good!"
75. When Sue performed her own rendition of "Vogue"
76. Realizing you don't know the names of the kids still at McKinley High, except for the seniors.
77. Joss Whedon's episode.
78. Harry Shum Jr.'s dance moves.
79. When Kurt taught the football team the "Single Ladies" dance.
80. Wondering where Sandy Ryerson went.

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81. When Quinn gave her baby to Rachels' mom.
82. Sam and Mercedes short-lived romance.
83. When Rachel almost got a nose job.
84. The most elaborate proposals ever.
85. When every couple name trends on Twitter after an episode.
86. Glee shippers in general.
87. Sebastian and Santana's chemistry during "Smooth Criminal."
88. Being jealous of Rachel Berry's hair.
89. And her voice.
90. The theme written on Will's dry erase board.

Glee GIFs

91. The Whitney Houston tribute
92. The Cheerios.
93. Fans debating if Glee used to be good or still is good.
94. "Don't Stop Believin'"
95. When Rachel had a raging crush on Mr. Schuester
96. "I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat. And then, on some dark, cold night I will steal away into your home and punch you in the face."
97. Tracking Chord Overstreet's hair changes.
98. Arguing which castmember is the best dancer/singer.
99. Blaine's addiction to tight pants.
100. Slushie attacks.

Congrats on 100 episodes, Glee! Seriously, never change.

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