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    #RichKids of Beverly Hills' Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart Pamper Themselves Before Big NYC Event—See the Full Recap!

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    Welcome to our life.

    On Sunday's brand-new #RichKids of Beverly Hills, things start off with a bang. The #RichKids are in New York City to support Morgan Stewart on her first major career move. She's in the city to cover a pop-up shop for a new fashion app called Trendabl.

    After a fun night out, Morgan wakes up to a certain Instagram photo she does not like and immediately calls Dorothy Wang out for posting the picture.

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    They start arguing about why the photo was posted, why it shouldn't have been posted and finally Roxy Sowlaty comes in and says they shouldn't be arguing about a stupid photo so early in the morning. At least not before their first drink...

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    Dorothy finally gives in and agrees to delete the photo.

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    Boom. Gone.

    Roxy leaves breakfast and heads to a super fashionable furniture store to grab some last minute items for one of her major interior design clients.

    She looks around and finds a bunch of really cool stuff that will be perfect in the client's new home.

    The up-and-coming designer doesn't even have to worry about a budget...

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    She just hands over that credit card and pays for the $500k bill.


    #RichKids 108 Recap

    It's finally the day of Morgan's big event and they head to the super chic Trendabl pop-up shop!

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    It's a cool place where people use their phones to scan items they like and then purchase them right there on their phones.

    We liked this piece in particular:

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    (We ask that every day...)

    Dee Murthy, the co-founder of Trendabl, is there and checks in with Morgan to see if she's ready for the big opportunity.

    Morgan admits she's stressed but she's ready to go!

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    Meanwhile, Roxy is getting all of her furniture orders shipped in and she's handling all of the deliveries.

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    She basically has the coolest job ever.

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    Dorothy decides to head out for her own bit of fun and meets up with her BFF EJ Johnson.

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    They hit up Bendels and get some fabulous shopping time in.

    Dorothy and EJ make New York even bougier...

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    Dorothy meets up with Morgan and Roxy at Roxy's client's house and they check out all of the amazing furnishings that were delivered.

    They go room-by-room and Dorothy's super impressed with Roxy's finds.

    The girls then class it up with a super sexy Instagram shoot.

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    Work it, ladies!

    It's finally time for Morgan's big night and they start to get ready.

    #RichKids 108 Recap


    Because this event is such a big deal, the #RichKids have jewelry options hauled in and these pieces are worth thousands of dollars.

    They even require a security guard to be with them at all times!

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    They hit the event and start getting photographed outside. Morgan says that one of photographers is acting like the late rapper ODB, from the Wu-Tang Clan.

    Roxy has no idea who that is (remember when she didn't know who Liberace was?) and has to quickly look it up.

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    This is her reaction when she finds out he died in 2004...

    #RichKids 108 Recap


    The event is going undoubtedly really well for Morgan. She's getting a bunch of great pics, talking to the right people and really seems to have a grasp on everything.

    That is, until another fashion blogger shows up and grills Morgan on her work. He even goes so far as to say:

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    This does not go over well with Morgan. But, she handles it professionally and waits until the "twerp" leaves to start trash-talking him.

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    The girls leave the event early so Morgan can start writing her piece and they all hang out with her for moral support.

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    Morgan gets her write-up done on time and finally calls it a night.

    The #RichKids wake up the next morning and decide to feast on some much needed carbs.

    Morgan checks her phone and gets an e-mail from Dee...

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    He saw her piece and loved it!

    Dee mentions that he's so happy she could come and is looking forward to many more Boobs & Loubs/Trendabl collaborations.

    Everyone is thrilled for Morgan and commemorates the big moment with a nice cheers!

    #RichKids 108 Recap

    Yay for Morgan!

    What did you think of the episode? Let us know in a comment below!

    Tune-in to E! next Sunday at 10/9c for the season finale of #RichKids of Beverly Hills!

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