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5 Steps to Tie The Perfect Headscarf

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Headscarves are a classic trend that continuously re-emerge throughout pop culture. While they seem to be a simple accessory for your everyday outfit, sometimes actually applying them is a lot easier said than done. You envision wearing one and want to instantly feel as effortlessly chic as Jackie O, but instead you feel more like a grandma on a grocery run. We get it! In order to help put an end to this popular fashion fear, here are the five steps you need in order to tie the perfect headscarf!

Headscarf Tutorial, The Fabulist

Step 1: Pick your desired scarf and fold it in half diagonally. A square scarf is preferred in order to make the triangle as symmetrical as possible. 

Headscarf Tutorial, The Fabulist

Step 2: Place the scarf over your head, allowing the tip of the triangle to hang over your forehead, and pull the two ends forward above your shoulders.

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Headscarf Tutorial, The Fabulist

Step 3: Pull the two ends of the scarf up and over the triangle tip, then tie a knot. Tie an additional knot on top of the other to create a more dramatic effect in the front. If you have excess material in your scarf, you can tie a bow here.

Headscarf Tutorial, The Fabulist

Step 4: Tuck in the front of the leftover triangle underneath the knot, then tuck in any loose ends of the scarf underneath in the back. Add bobby pins to confirm a strong hold that will last throughout the day.

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Headscarf Tutorial, The Fabulist

Step 5: Look amazing. Voilà! You're officially a part of The Fabulist. Now show us your look! #Fabulist to check out how others rocked the headscarf trend this week and keep tuning into The Fabulist every Monday at 8:30/ 7:30c!

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