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    Emma Lawrence?! See What Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence Look Like as One Superhuman

    Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Photoshop Mashup Imgur

    Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence are uniquely gorgeous women.
    When you combine the two, merging their facial features onto a single striking visage (thanks Photoshop pros and imgur users), you get an ethereal goddess-like result: Emma Lawrence!

    Some are calling this young adult heroine mashup Jennifer Watson, although that's not quite as majestic sounding. But the Hermione Granger-Katniss Everdeen hybrid (sorry, Bella Swan) combines complementary elements of each actress' face.

    Emma Lawrence, as you can see, has hazel eyes--a contrast from Emma Watson's deep brown pools and Jennifer Lawrence's blue-green irises. While the Harry Potter alum and Hunger Games star have both braved pixie cuts in the past, their mashup combines their locks from longer stages, resulting in a swept back dirty-blond hue.

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    The jaw line and lips look more J.Law, but the eyes and nose look more Emma-like. The brows are a balanced mix of the two, and the forehead is a tossup, too.

    Emma Lawrence certainly looks like a lovely girl—and it's nice to combine Harry Potter and Hunger Games' heroines into a single force. Really though, the two originals are perfect just the way they are!

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