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Law & Order: SVU showed the dark and dirty side of Rollins on Wednesday, March 12, leaving us speechless, while one of Survivor: Cagayan's tribes continued its campaign for the title of the show's worst tribe in its 28-season history.  Plus, The Americans pulled off another doozy of a twist and a surprising proposal went down over on NashvilleWarning, spoilers for many of Wednesday night's shows ahead!

Survivor: Cagayan: Holy secondhand embarrassment, Batman! The Brains Tribe is really, really bad, you guys. Like, so bad that when another tribe attempted to throw a competition, they still managed to lose. And in tonight's episode, they lost not one, but two challenges. At least they were able to do one thing right: vote out J'Tia, as this is one tribe that cannot afford any dead weight (who also happened to toss out a lot of their food).

Law & Order: SVU: Have you picked your jaw up off the floor yet? Law & Order:SVU took a step away from the normal case of the week format to give you a story of Rollin's downfall. Or was it a downfall?

Rollins' gambling addiction has reared its ugly head for weeks, but when she's made for a cop in an illegal gambling ring, things take a nasty turn. Donal Logue guest starred as Declan, a behind-the-scenes member of the gambling organization who, along with guest star Sherri Saum, makes Rollins do all sorts of terrible things. She gets rid of evidence, follows a juror and "gives a blow job." We put that in quotes because she really didn't give Declan one, he was a cop the whole time and drafted her into his undercover mission. Say whattttttt?! Not even Olivia Benson knew. 

Despite messing with evidence that botched a whole mess of things, Rollins got to keep her badge. Hopefully this experience steered the good detective back on the right track.

The Americans, Matthew Rhys

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The Americans: Man, the KGB really is everywhere, right? In tonight's outing, the ever-so-suspicious Paige decided it was time to pay her Aunt Helen a visit. And guess what? SHe's actually real! And guess what again? It turned out she's most likely a KGB plant, who probably isn't even related to Elizabeth, but yet another piece of their cover-up puzzle. She also called up Phillip to let him know about Paige's snooping. Oops!

Nashville: Oh, Will. In order to hide the fact that he's gay from the public, our closeted country crooner decided the best way to do so was by proposing to Layla. Again, we repeat: Oh, Will. 

Line of the Night: "Problem Child 2 wasn't any better than Problem Child 1. I can't believe they made three of those movies." Hey, we so could've been Tessa 3.0 on Suburgatory tonight if you just changed Problem Child to Home Alone (and they made  five HAs, obviously).

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