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Juan Pablo Galavis Lashes Out at Critics, Says He Feels Like He's Been Thrown to the Wolves

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Juan Pablo, The Bachelor
Juan Pablo, The Bachelor ABC/Rick Rowell

Juan Pablo Galavis can't seem to make up his mind.

If you recall, during The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special on Monday night, the guy was rather reluctant to open up about his relationship with Nikki Ferrell.

Things got even more tense when it was revealed that Juan Pablo had yet to tell Nikki he loves her, even as host Chris Harrison made every attempt to get him to say it.

What's more, a source close to the show told E! News that "Juan Pablo is over the show just as much as the show is over him. He fulfilled his contractual obligations and now he wants to be left alone."

Left alone?

Well, if that's what Juan Pablo wants, the guy certainly isn't doing much to make that happen.

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Juan Pablo Galavis, Nikki, Instagram Instagram

In fact, over the last couple of days, he has been putting himself and Nikki out there via social media, including a video montage of their relationship, highlighting their moments together from the show and their time together since they stopped taping.

And through it all, a lot of criticism has been lobbed Juan Pablo's way, something that he has been very vocal about over the last couple of days.

"Having a PRIVATE relationship doesn't mean we CAN'T post or say what WE want instead of what SOMEONE ELSE wants," Juan Pablo tweeted on Wednesday.

He also posted a graphic on Instagram that read, "Throw me to the wolves and I'll come back leading the pack."

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