If you ask Emily Mortimer about her mom—or should we say mum—she holds nothing back.

The British beauty appeared on Chelsea Lately on Tuesday to dish about her new series Doll & Em but the conversation quickly turned to the actress' "hot mess" mother.

"My mum is awesome," The Newsroom star told Chelsea Handler. "Very brilliant but is, yeah, kind of a hot mess...She starts smoking at about 8 in the morning and finishes at about 2 the next morning. And she drinks a couple of bottles of wine a night."

Mortimer then revealed that she smokes "on and off" but that she has stopped because it "makes me want to gag nowadays."

"But I mean, I love smoking and I love people who do smoke," she said with a chuckle.

"It's fun to smoke," Handler quipped. "Smokers out there, we love you."

Mortimer then compared her mother's inability to understand that smoking in Central Park is illegal to longtime monarch Queen Victoria.

"Apparently Queen Victoria, when they made the law against homosexuality, didn't believe that lesbians existed," Mortimer explained. "So there was never a law passed against women being together, only against men being together.  nd my mum is like Queen Victoria about smoking in Central Park. She's like, this just doesn't make sense. Of course I should be able to smoke in Central Park."

To hear more from Mortimer's interview on Chelsea Lately, watch the clip above!

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